10 Countries where Indian Currency is Rich

What if we told you that there are places in this world that will make your look like you are rich? Yes! There are so many countries in this world where Indian Rupee will let you spend lavishly! Below are few of those Countries:

  1. Bolivia: – We all agree that we all have a little part of us that wants to travel and live the dream. Well even if you earn in rupees it time to note down the places that make your Indian rupee rich and where you can travel and live lavishly. First up, Bolivia. The currency, 1 Bolivian Boliviano, is equal to 9.22 INR. So you see, if you seek an adventure wherein you get to take in the beautiful vines and bathe in the hot springs available here. It is both a place to have fun and relax so you can add this to your list to travel.
  2. Nepal: Nepal is the place that gives you the best mountain views which take your breath away. 1 Nepalese Rupee is equal to 0.62 INR. Home of the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, Nepal is the perfect place if you are looking for trekking and high altitude experiences.

  3. Hungary: – Hungary is a country for the people who work in rupees. 1 Hungarian Forint is equal to 0.23 INR. This country is famous for its buildings and castles, has a high number of national parks and natural reserves, in case you are a nature enthusiast.

  4. Costa Rica: – Get your savings and enjoy the Costa Rican lands of biodiversity where the plants and animals make you feel fresh and great. You will also feel like a king if you have Indian rupees because 1 Rupee is equal to 8.5 colóns.
  5. Zimbabwe: Always wanted to go on a Safari Trip? Zimbabwe is where you should go. It is highly affordable and a place you should visit both for the diversity of the animals and for the beautiful African Landscape. One rupee equal 5.85 Zimbabwe

  6. Paraguay: The land of exciting adventures and scenic views, Paraguay has almost everything Affordable since 1 Paraguayan Guarani equal 74 INR.
  7. Cambodia: This is another country to less explored and is very affordable for Indian rupee earners. This country is like no other. 1 The rupee is equal to 63 INR.
  8. Vietnam: Vietnam is definitely on almost everyone’s travel bucket list. Well, did you know how affordable it is to take a trip to Vietnam? Very. The land looks like being carved out of a fantastic story and the food here is simplyOne rupee equals 338.365 Dongs! That’s right. This has left even me, myself awed!

  9. Mongolia: A land filled with history and great people it is still a wonder how nomads still live here today. The land of great plains and mountains with breathtaking One rupee here equals is 29.83 Tugriks.
  10. Belarus: This another destination in Europe that you shouldn’t miss. This suburban city is the perfect city with clean and beautiful architecture, shops during the day and restaurants and clubs at night.


These are a few countries that show how rich Indian currency is.


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