Abortion: What it is and why it is opted for

Abortion is the process wherein the pregnancy of a mother is ended so that it doesn’t end up in the birth of a child. People do this due to many reasons.

Today, there are many centres and clinics which provide the service of abortion or clinics opened up for the sole purpose of abortion. It is classified into two types of abortion: Medical (the abortion pill), and Surgical types of abortion.

Some women find Medical Abortion to be more of a natural process. In Medical Abortion, there are another two types: One which is done within 10 weeks; where the pill or medication is taken which causes an early miscarriage in which 9 weeks after gestation 2 visits to the clinic will be required. A woman experiences severe cramps and heavy bleeding in this process. Another process which is done from 10 weeks to 24 weeks involves taking a medication that causes the womb to contract and push the pregnancy out.

Surgical abortion is the procedure of a quick and minor operation. There are two types in this form of abortion; Vacuum aspiration which is done up to 15 weeks, it removes the pregnancy by gentle suction and can be done with a local anaesthetic. The other procedure is Dilatation and Evacuation which is done between 15 to 24 weeks carried out with a general anaesthetic. The pregnancy is removed using narrow forceps passed through the neck of the womb and gentle suction.

Every woman has a different reason do carry out this process which can also be called as the termination of pregnancy out of which the most common reasons are listed below.

  • Negative Impact on the Mother’s Life: – This sound like a very selfish reason but to see it through, being a mother would change everything and would increase the number of responsibilities she would have to carry. There are many teens who end up pregnant before the age of 18 and when then graduate high school. Those who give birth are less likely to get employed or even complete their education.
  • Financial Instability: – Be it a high school student or a college student, a woman earning enough to live independently cannot manage to cover up the expenses associated with pregnancy, birth and child rearing. Saving up for a baby is another thing, but an unplanned pregnancy pressurizes or burdens a woman to take care of an infant she cannot afford to look after.
  • Relationship Problems or Unwillingness to be a Single Mother: – Majority of the women with unplanned pregnancies, do not live with their partners or have committed relationships. These women realize that in all scenarios, they will be handling their child alone and they are not willing to do that due to the reasons we discussed above.

 In other times, being a single mother has always been frowned upon in the society which again causes an impact on the image of a woman leading to a negative impact on her career and desires.


Do you still support Abortion?



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