Top 10 Shark Facts

Great White Sharks can go as long as three months without eating Whale Sharks can live up to 100 years Sharks have an astounding sense of smell, so powerful that they can detect a single drop of blood in an Olympic-sized pool Shark’s need to swim, or they will sink Sharks  seemingly are the only […]

Top 10 Cricket Facts

The only cricketer to play Test cricket for India and England is Saif Ali Khan’s grandfather, Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi. On the morning of 11/11/11 South Africa needed 111 runs to win at 11:11 Sir Don Bradman has just hit 6 sixes in his entire career Virender Sehwag’s highest scores in T20, ODI and Tests […]

What is GST and how does it Work?

Goods & Services Tax is a comprehensive, multi-stage, destination-based tax that will be levied on every value addition. To understand the entire concept, we need to understand the terms that come under this definition: Beginning with Multi-stage, There are several steps a product goes through during the period of manufacturing.  The first stage is the buying of raw materials. The […]


Whistleblowers and their Functions   A Whistleblower is an employee who reveals the truth or misconduct happening or some illegal activity taking place anywhere. There are laws and protections for whistleblowers who are fired or mistreated to reveal misconduct. This law is called the Whistleblower Protection Act. A whistleblower is someone who blows a cover. […]

Top 10 Milky Way

The name “milky” is derived from the Greek word “Galaxias” and it is used to describe its appearance as a dim glowing band which arches across the night sky – making individual stars indistinguishable to the naked eye. It Has a Halo, but You Can’t Directly See It Scientists believe that 90% of our galaxy’s […]

Disadvantages and Advantages of Living Alone

Planning to Move Out? Here are some Disadvantages and Advantages of Living Alone Making a decision to live alone, can be considered as a very selfish decision in the society. But the truth is it can also be one of the most selfless decisions a person can make. It gives a person the complete freedom […]

London Anti-Brutality Protests

London Anti-Brutality Protests: Policemen Injured Based on Blame to Kill a Man There have been violent protests against the London police in London East where the people blame the cops for a man’s death. They claim that the 25-year-old black man died from several wounds allegedly sustained during his arrest by the police. Six policemen […]

Top 10 Dinosaurs

The first dinosaur to be formally named was the Megalosaurus, back in 1824. A person who studies dinosaurs is known as a paleontologist. The word dinosaur comes from the Greek language and means ‘terrible lizard’. The word was coined by English paleontologist Richard Owen in 1842 and was meant to refer to Dinosaurs impressive size […]

US and Mexico’s Wall

US and Mexico’s Wall: An Issue of Worry to the Migrants During his Election in 2016, Trump demanded the construction of a bigger and a more impenetrable border wall along the US border with Mexico. He also made all illegal immigration stop and making Mexico pay for this purposed wall. “There will be the physical […]

School VS College

School VS College: The Black and White Difference Where are those golden days? School life was something else. We all were made to study under a lot of pressure, yes, but I’m sure I speak for most of the people that we all had double the fun. As soon as the recess bell rang we […]