Child Psychology- Every stage counts

Understanding a child’s mind is no rocket science. It requires a lot of patience and compassion to deal with these gentle minds. Child psychology is a branch that falls under clinical psychology. It focuses on children through the process of assessing and observing their behaviour as well as their overall development. It is an influential […]

Tobacco- When temptations can cost your life.

‘Tobacco’, when we perceive this word there is a negative assimilation of thought in our mind. Why so? Have we gone deeper and tried to actually investigate what tobacco actually is. It is basically a green and leafy plant which is typically grown in warm climates precisely native to the Western hemisphere. The major countries […]

Problems faced by Women at Work

How much ever we debate about equal rights for women there is always room for discrimination and insecurity amongst the society we live in. Why this distinction? Women too are capable of working with dedication and attaining a chance to live with respect and dignity. There is an equivalent balance of talent, spark, strength to […]

Gays- Nurture or Nature

“Hey quickly look, see that guy over there”, let us face the fact these are the stereotypical comments we tend to pass whenever we encounter such an individual who is amongst us but most probably we try to isolate this person just because he is a bit different, can you justify this?  Let us start […]

Infancy- A journey that begins from within

Nine months of patience, care and precaution all the way to the delivery stage definitely is a long and gruelling journey, with a lot of ups and downs. This new phase starts with an instant cry which gives the mother a feeling of the journey being worthy. Until the time of birth babies have lead […]

Doctors in Middle Age

Any illness, deformity or even other minor or major cases there is just one savior on who we can rely and have blind faith on: doctors.  It is impossible to visualize the critical stage of medicine in the medieval times and what life would have been in that period. In today’s current situation we have […]

A Cup of Coffee

May it be a start of a refreshing morning or an end of a stressful day theres only one thing that keeps you going: Coffee, …I guess our moms always told us to eat soaked almonds prior to an exam for sharp memory and good recall but who knew coffee could do the same and […]