Flying cars a reality by 2020 – Uber

In one of the ambitious plans to take cars to the skies by 2020, Uber Technologies has shown his seriousness by announcing it officially. One of the successful ride-hailing company – Uber is now aiming for skies with its flying taxis in a bid to cut down the travel time takes by road in a […]

All about Apple in China

One of the world’s most valuable technology company and a brand of repute ‘Apple’ have faced claims and allegations that their Chinese contractors are providing poor treatments to workers and a breach of standards on workers’ hours. Allegations also involved contractors are not good enough to provide a humane treatment to its employees. Foxconn, a […]

Trump’s strategies and social media role in U.S. Elections

Long before winning the U.S. Presidential election 2016, Donald Trump was America’s most colorful and famous billionaire. But after defeating Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in a most controversial contests, he has gone step further. And now he is a President of United States. Born in New York to a real estate tycoon, he preferred doing […]

Elon Musk and his ventures

It is not at all recommended to be inspired from the biographies of other people but we can borrow some ideas from their journey to infuse them into our lives to make it move in right direction. The story of Elon Musk is one such journey, which is going on and on with no looking […]

The rise and fall of Stayzilla

The rise and fall of Stayzilla is one of the examples which is good enough to boost the morale and at the same time create fear in the mind of budding entrepreneurs of the startup ventures. Born as Inasra Technologies, story of Stayzilla is a saga of an aspiring entrepreneur Yogendra Vasupal, who alongwith 2 […]