Cheapest Flights in India

Cheapest Flights in India: Places You Can Travel Cheap

Our country, India, is the world’s second most populated country. It is a diverse land full of colour, and glory and pride. It is one of the oldest civilisations in the world, which now is emerging on to a huge economic and tourist destination. This country has come a long way. To its visitors, India always has something new up its sleeve.

The several airlines flying to and fro India are Jet Airways, Vistara,  IndiGo, JetKonnect, AirAsia, Air India, Air India Express, AirAsia India, Star Equatorial Airlines, SpiceJet, Air Costa, Uzbekistan Airways, Go Air, Alliance Air. Other airlines flying to India are Emirates, Qatar Airways Thai Airways, Royal Nepal Airlines, Etihad Airways, Malindo Air, Fly Dubai, Mihin Lanka, Druk,  Kuwait Airways, Sri Lankan Airlines, Gulf Air, Air, Saudia, Scoot, Oman Air, Singapore Airlines and I assume much more.

There are numerous destinations that you could go to within India, be it a vacation, or your work. Travelling in India can be pretty inexpensive if you know the right places that you could go to. If you come under the category of someone who likes to travel very often or just pack your bag and heads off to an expedition without spending too much of money, then India is the place you need to know all about.

From old villages to hidden settlements in the mountains, beautiful temples and towns which lay by the ocean, India has it all. This takes me to tell you about the best part, which is these trips are no burden on your wallet.

If you need a time away to the perfect beach vacation where you can take in the peaceful shoreline, Goa is the place to go. The flight tickets are cheap and affordable for your wallet and the daily expenses don’t come on as a load.

The perfect place for a serene view of the mountains and open plain lands comes to Spiti with cheap travel and minimum daily expenditure for your stay.  Another place to visit with an affordable price is Ladakh. The Land of High Passes is barren yet beautiful region located in Jammu and Kashmir state in northern India.

Next up is Ahmedabad, in western India known for its temples and other architecture. This a cheap means of travel along with a cheap stay.

These are the few places in India where you can fly to cheap. This completes your desire to travel along with not burdening your wallet.

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