Disadvantages and Advantages of Living Alone

Planning to Move Out? Here are some Disadvantages and Advantages of Living Alone

Making a decision to live alone, can be considered as a very selfish decision in the society. But the truth is it can also be one of the most selfless decisions a person can make. It gives a person the complete freedom to decide what can come be in stock for their future. Living alone can be challenging and comforting depending on convenience.

There are several advantages of living alone. When a person makes a decision to live all by themselves it singlehandedly is one of the most exciting things to ever happen. No cleaning issues, meaning that if you ever had a roomie, cleanliness would be an issue, so when you live alone, you don’t have to worry about the mess in the house; or if you’re one who makes the mess you still wouldn’t have to worry because you’re the only one who lives there.

When you’re alone, you get peace and quiet. There is silence, and some may enjoy this and some might not. It solely depends on the person what he/she prefers. When you live with family, you can’t really avoid those living there, you need to be interactive like it’s said: A family who eats together, stays together. You can’t really hide out in your room and enjoy your meal in peace how you like. When you’re alone, you get to eat anywhere in the house you like. No one to stop you.

No more rules. One of the biggest pros to living alone. You only have you own rules to make if you wish.  And, the decision made only by one person matter that is: you. Unlike in a family, you need to take everyone’s consent for every decision to be made. Getting complete privacy is another undeniably advantageous factor.

Disadvantages include the lack of company. Again this solely depends on the individual. There are many people who prefer it. When you’re alone, it kind of gets on your nerves that there isn’t much of activity that you can do. It gets really boring unless you have a job which is full time which takes u your time. The lack of safety is also an issue. People when alone, don’t really know what kind of neighbourhood they’re moving into even after a lot of research; safety can be a real problem.

There are times when you need help around the house and you wish there could be someone to rely on but sadly, the lack of help is something we all end up hating.

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages as we mentioned earlier, but there are some who really wish to be alone and can compensate for the problems of living alone and continue living alone. There are other who cannot deal with such issues so either they suffer the problems and feel miserable about them or move back into their old home with family.

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