HoneyMoon Spots in India

HoneyMoon Spots in India: Places that will make you feel you’re Travelling International

A lot of people in India tend to think that there aren’t any getaways within the country which are beautiful and serene. Meaning that people tend to look at other countries for a perfect vacation, in this context a honeymoon.

Well I’m here to tell you that there are so many places within India that can prove to be the perfect honeymoon spot to spend time with your significant other. Yes! You can find yourself experiencing an international vacation within India! How amazing is that?

Here are a few places perfect for your Honeymoon:

    • First up, Andaman and Nicobar  Islands, this place is quite an escape.  These islands are a group of islands located off the East coast of India in the Bay of Bengal. They served as naval ports during the time of the British but now are known for their enchanting beaches and sparkling blue waters making them perfect for honeymooners. These islands are full of romantic hangout and filled with newly wedded people.

    • Allepy , known as the Venice of India, is a picturesque coastal town with several inland waterways, beaches and canals. There are couples who  often visit , mostly for their honeymoon. rent a houseboat and  stay to experience a highly romantic moment amidst the backwaters of Kerala and enjoy the best of nature the country has to offer.

    • Munnar, the district in Idukki among the Western Ghats, is a hill station in Kerela. green hills, tea, and coffee and spice plantations along with narrow winding roads make it extremely romantic. The little town also contains several resorts and hotels that would help you experience the nature with luxury.

    • Pondicherry, a union territory of India used to be the home to the few French Colonies in India. Known for its serene beaches and waterfront walks, it is also one of the most romantic spots for the honeymooners. The city houses a large number of luxury resorts and hotels that are perfect for a romantic vacation to this quaint coastal city.

  • Nainital, a popular tourist and honeymoon spot in India due to its serene views, luxury resorts and its location in the Kumaon foothills. The town is known for its beautiful pear-shaped lake known as the Naini Lake. It also has several view points, picnic areas, gardens and trekking places.


So if you’re on a lookout for good spots for you honeymoon, we hope this article helps you find the best one and you have a great time.

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