Illiteracy VS Literacy

Illiteracy VS Literacy: The barriers and solutions

Before we begin comparing Illiteracy and literacy, we must first know what they actually are on their own terms.

Illiteracy is considered as the inability to read or write. There are thousands of people in the world who are still illiterate despite the advancements today. Illiteracy in individuals branches from many reasons which comes across as barriers and can be the very reason stopping the eradication of it.

For example, a child born in an underprivileged family lives in an atmosphere which makes him/her hard to adapt thing and not only that but finance also becomes a big barrier to their education and turns out to be a big reason for illiteracy in most countries.

There are many reasons of illiteracy in adults, such as parents with little schooling, learning disabilities such as dyslexia dysgraphia, difficult living conditions which include poverty. Illiterate individuals are here, among us.

Literacy is the ability to read and write, which is the requirement to eradicate illiteracy and make any country flourish economically. From an individualistic perspective, if you want to function happily, and contribute to your community, you need to be literate. People who acquire adequate literacy skills maintain better health with their ability to understand health information. They also tend to have a better understanding with people and communicate with them and maintain better relations.

Sharing of ideas, perspectives and concerns also leads to better levels of mutual understanding and caring, that ultimately leads to a stronger community spirit. In a democracy like India. Literacy is required to maintain and build a  nation with strong social, political and economic foundations.

Comparing our country to the many in Europe, we can see the difference that our country is still developing and hasn’t yet completely developed. Whereas, those in Europe are developed. The difference education makes here is highly remarkable. Educating more people can change the entire country and make it strong economically which will lead to the establishment of the country as a whole and will also resolve the many issues we face today.

What our country fails to see is, that we need to make possible resources and make them available to those who are young and should be out going to school and getting an education. The educated people of our country should join hands and look for a solution to reduce the percentage of poverty in our country. If we come together to find a solution, we can change our nation’s condition and take to a higher level of development and decrease all the tensions we all experience, Other than that, people of an orthodox mind, should reconsider and allow women to get an education as well. Women can be a big helping hand in increasing literacy and the status of our nation.

How we live in our country, if we are education the youth with all the resources we have, speaks about how our nation really is and what it is willing to do to make a change.

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