Indian Mentality of Women: The Typical Mindset

India is considered as one of the world’s few countries to have the fastest growing youth populations in the world. Girls below 19 years of age comprise one-quarter of India’s rapidly growing population. Despite our country being known for treating women with respect, treating her like a Goddess, the moment a baby is born the first question that pops into the people’s mind is ‘is it a boy or a girl?’, and this not only has a biological impact. In this article, we will show you the mindset of people towards women and the type of issues they face.

Gender is counted as one of the most dominant factors that affect human development right from conception to death. It is another dimension of social stratification apart from race, religion, age. The Government of India has taken several legislative measures relating to issues from female foeticide, the practice of child marriage, widow remarriage to women’s right to property etc., which have impacted the Indian family system and society in many ways. A woman is who shapes the society and the sole reason of existence. Is this how we are going to treat them? With disrespect and no value of anything at all?

The Indian Society has faced and undergone a huge change after the impact of modernization, westernisation and industrialisation. History tells that women are ill-treated in almost all the spheres of life.  Except for a few revolutionary movements, the situation remained more or less the same in the ancient, medieval, and early modern times.

As a girl grows, with age, she adopts all the chores and roles of her mother and plays a stereotypical gender role. When she gets married, her husband and in-laws control her life. There is no room for independent decisions that she could make for herself. The practice of “Sati” or “widow immolation” and young widowhood was the rule once but vanished gradually because of the constant efforts and movements by a few pro female leaders. However, discrimination of a girl child, child marriage, dowry system, etc., continued to exist even after independence.

India is a country of demographic diversity where people are all sorts of different cultures religions castes races, which is why there exist differences in their lifestyles. Three-quarters of the population of India still resides in rural areas where the problems related to girl child are predominant. Contrary to this, female foeticide seems to be more in urban areas owing to the technical advances.

Although true sex differences are far less apparent in childhood, the discrimination becomes much more apparent as children grow. Girls especially are differentiated from the other sex, are not permitted to do thousands of things that men are allowed to. Women are suppressed in most of our country and it is because of the religious, and orthodox minds of the people living today claiming that they in some manner have the right to make the decision for the female and that females are in no position to make their own decisions.

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