Joint Family VS Nuclear Family

Family, well it is an integral part of one’s life. We connect ourselves to the relationships that have been existing since the past, the present as well as the future generations.  Family is the only place where you will be able to get unconditional love and respect, at every stage of life families will always be right beside you helping you share your happiness as well as giving you the right advice to further deal with challenges that you may encounter in this long journey. Healthy family relationships reflect an individual’s overall personality and outlook towards life and the competency existing around us. There are two kinds of families one is joint family and the other which is very common in the current scenario is nuclear family.

Joint families have been prevalent in India since time immemorial hence the dependants living under one roof are quite a many where the eldest member of the household is responsible for making time to time decisions while keeping in mind what is good for all the members residing under the same roof. This is due to the elders being highly experienced helping the younger generations as paving the right path for them is easier. If we look at the other pros of a joint family we can observe that there is a greater bond of affection and unity existing amongst the family members. Seeking advice becomes very easy as there are a variety of age groups in the family, viewpoints and thought processes of each can be easily accessed, giving a wider scope for taking one’s ultimate decision. Emotional as well as financial support for living a decent life is mandatory and in this case all basic necessities of the family is taken care of and the minimum subsistence of living is guaranteed.

Every family has its set cultural systems and values which are imbibed within an individual and eventually decides one’s future and perception of what life actually is.  Respecting elders, time to time following of traditions, sharing of responsibilities and mutual understanding amongst one another influences the individual and shapes him well so as to assimilate within the society with ease. Adjustment is a major issue the young generation faces as a major hassle but living in a joint family gives you the ability to deal with all kinds of people, age groups and temperaments tactfully without hurting one another and yet living in harmony.

The few cons we may come across in joint families are that too many people residing under one roof may result in clash of opinions as every person has a different perspective towards life and cases of similar thinking are not seen very often. Sharing the household with multiple members is also a tough task to undertake as there is lack of freedom to access privacy and maintain one’s ‘own space’. Inferiority complexes are issues that are widely present in joint families as the major decisions are always undertaken by the eldest member and younger members are bound to face such consequences. Adjusting with multiple people in the same household is a key problem faced by the people living in such families. The development of one’s overall personality is also hampered due to the intervention of the elderly members in the family further making the younger generation feel powerless and overruled by the elders. Feelings of insecurity, weakness and excessive pressure on a single individual are also few of the disadvantages of living in a joint family. Risks such as separation and increased dependency on family members are also witnessed in such families.

Nuclear families or Elementary families revolve around a small group consisting of parents and their very own children. A small family in today’s time is a wise decision as there is a sea change in the standard of living the current generation demands, also a high increase in the expenses required to sustain in today’s times. In big families there are low chances that members though living in a close knit relationship can genuinely understand and trust the other but in a nuclear family connecting with our loved ones is easier as well as more feasible. Maintaining financial security is not a task due to limited members living in a family due to which giving attention and fulfilling personal requirements is possible. Getting access to one’s ‘personal space’ is not a big deal and individual preferences can be easily taken care of. In such a family securing one’s individuality, retaining one’s spark and strong support system are another few  set of advantages that can be witnessed. Prime importance is given to individual responsibilities as there is no one to rely on like in joint families and confirming to one’s personal responsibility is required to live with peace and harmony.

But nuclear families too have a darker side. There are innumerable cases where feelings of isolation and loneliness arise in such cases of nuclear families due to lesser amount of people living around you. In joint families the financial burden is shared by the elders but in this case there is an excessive pressure on the earning member of the family as the expenses are handled individually and not collectively. The knack of adjusting with the people around you and the perfect molding of your personality is highly seen if an individual grows in a joint family with ample people around him or her.

We require reliable people around us who can help us to move a step forward and succeed with flying colors in life. Who can do it better than our always supportive family?

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