London Terrorist Attack

6 Killed, 50 Injured

Six people were killed and fifty were injured in an attack at the London Bridge on Saturday, 3rd June 2017, at 5:08 PM (ET). Officials Reported a Vehicle barrelled into the pedestrians on London Bridge and three attackers went on a stabbing rampage in a nearby Borough market.

Within a span of eight minutes the attackers were said to have been shot fatally by police officers, authorities stated. The Metropolitan Commissioner said that the three men wore what looked like an explosive vest, but turned out to be fake. He also stated the all the attackers were said to have been shot but it was early in the investigation.

One of the men stabbed a Transport Police Officer who was seriously wounded but not too fatal. Forty-eight people were taken to the hospital after the incident had occurred.  Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor described this incident as a horrific terrorist attack and said: “My message to Londoners is to be calm and vigilant today.”

“I’m not an advocate of postponing the election. One of the things these terrorists hate is voting,” he said Sunday morning. “They hate democracy, they hate elections and the public choosing who should be our leaders.”

This was the second attack since the terrorist attack in Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester later in May. These events have led a sense of fear in the hearts of people.

Gerard Vowls, 47, witnessing the incident at first thought it was a joke and then saw that people were being stabbed, saw blood and realised that it wasn’t a joke and they were under attack. Other Witnesses in a restaurant in the Borough Market said that a man entered the restaurant and stabbed a woman. The other people inside threw bottles at him and pushed him out of the restaurant with a stool.

“I saw loads of people running towards me and I heard gunfire. I heard about 12 shots” Railway worker Matt Cooper said as he was going out for a coffee near Borough Market.

U.S President Donald Trump has offered a helping hand saying that the US will help the UK however they can. The State Department of US stated “Our hearts are with the families and loved ones of the victims. We wish a full and quick recovery to those injured in the attacks. All Americans stand in solidarity with the people of the United Kingdom.”


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