Male Drivers vs Female Drivers

People always discriminate women into the category of bad drivers. They always presume that women have bad driving skills well because she’s a woman. Be it your brother, dad, uncle, friends, whoever. Even strangers on the road who give you judgmental condescending stares.
However, researchers all over the world have found facts claiming that women are a better driver than men. Women driver safer and are less likely to speed or drive rashly under the influence.
In this article, we’ll be showing how the different researches prove that women are safer at driving as compared to men. Surveys all over the word claimed that rash driving was on the rise and 38% of the men were involved in crashes as opposed to the 27% females who crashes.
However, according to Sumit Tendulkar, of a driving school in Panaji, it’s the age that determines how good a driver is, rather than the gender. “If the driver is around 18-25, he will be rougher than a driver who is 40 years old. There are some girls who are also rough on the roads, and there are boys who are safe drivers too.”
In the case of females, they are less likely to overtake when compared males who when getting a chance, take over within a span of seconds. Women aren’t ones to race but men get very offended once they are overtaken and it hits them right in their ego.
Women tend to drive more carefully and cautiously. People stating that men drive better than women should rethink. It is also observed that men try and make women nervous by cutting in between the cars of applying sudden brakes.
“Women are definitely more careful when they drive their vehicles,” says Arvind Gawas, superintendent of police (Traffic). “They are more likely to wear their safety gears, and make the person sitting beside them also wear their safety gears.” Arun Desai, added, “You will see more women wearing helmets than men at any given time. They are very safety-oriented.”
What frustrates women more is that men try and overtake them from the wrong side or turn without giving an indicator. And if an accident occurs they turn and blame women for the incident instead of admitting their own mistake. Women are always subjected to this type of road sexism.

Delhi states, women, bustling from the stereotypical claims of women being bad drivers actually cause less the 2% of the fatal accidents and mishaps in the city and their involvement in such incidents has decreased over the years despite the increase in women taking over the wheel.
“The data does not support the popular impression that women are poor drivers,” said joint CP (traffic) Satyendra Garg. Women wreck the stereotype and show people that they’re actually more cautious when behind the wheel as compared to a woman.
More driving schools and instructors say that the upcoming generation of women even from the youngest age of 18 and keen and interested in learning the traffic rules and driving safe and also learn the art very skilfully.
All of these recent reports are in contrast to the earlier reports claiming that women are aggressive drivers and cause more road fatalities.

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