Marathi Film-Maker Dead in a Hotel in Pune

Atul B Tapkir, the Marathi filmmaker was found dead on a Sunday,14 May 2017 morning in a hotel in Pune.  The 35-year-old posted on Facebook indicating that he was suffering from financial losses and a troubled family life from the past couple of months. The police had to break open the room where they found Tapkir’s body.

A case of an accidental death has been registered by the Deccan Gymkhana Police and the body has been sent for an autopsy as reported by a police officer.

One of the last messages or suicidal claims he posted over his  Facebook on Saturday was where he said that he was depressed due to the financial losses from the film ‘Dhol Taashe’. In another lengthy post, he claimed that his family including father and siblings backed him up and his wife allegedly harassed him.

“I made a film called Dhol Taashe. I really believed making films was my destiny and I made it my career. But nevertheless, that dream didn’t work out and had more losses. My parents were supportive of my work, but my wife, Priyanka would fight a lot with me. She blamed me for several things. She also threw me out of my house and it has been six months. I request Chief Minister of Maharashtra that it would be fair if the police had heard his side of the story also, not just Priyanka’s. She had lodged a police complaint. When I told my version to the police, they said they understand my plight but cannot help me because my wife had lodged the complaint before I had. Priyanka and her brothers made my life a living hell. She started doubting me on a lot of things and also used cuss words while fighting with me,” Tapkir wrote.

He mentioned how his wife threw him out of their house and how he was staying away from home for the past 6 months. He stated that he was upset because his wife had alienated them from him apart from making allegations against him and defaming and abusing him in the neighbourhood. She also called for her brothers and threatened to make them beat him up.

He also shared how he made a drunk call to his wife and abused her and she abused back and in return, her family lodged a police complaint against him. Tapkir has urged Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis that “the police must listen to a man’s side of the story too when a woman lodges a complaint”.

“I am not saying all women take advantage of the law but ones like Priyanka use the law and mentally harass families. Priyanka never took care of my father or sisters but still kept abusing them during our arguments and I couldn’t get that. My mother passed away ten years ago but Priyanka abused her as well. She abused me when I was taking my son who was bleeding from his nose and hand and didn’t let me take him to the hospital. She said she will make me and my children beg on the streets and destroy the family, which everyone in the locality has heard.”, Tapkir stated.

He made the last wish saying that since his wife cannot take care of his children, his father should instead. As a proof of the harassment, Tapkir said he has saved in a pen drive where his wife’s brother has abused him.


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