Pregnancy VS Mother Life

What it’s like to hold a life within you.

Though your body goes through many changes during pregnancy, it is safe and healthy too for you to continue with many of your normal activities throughout most of the process.

Women often wonder how much weight they should gain during pregnancy. If you are underweight before pregnancy you should gain 28 to 40 lbs during pregnancy. If you are of average weight prior to pregnancy, you should gain 25 to 35 lbs. during pregnancy. If you are overweight prior to pregnancy, you should gain 15 to 25 lbs. during your pregnancy. For an average weight woman, this amount of weight gain can be achieved by adding an additional 300 kilocalories per day. More food that this will cause you to gain more weight than necessary.

Making sure you eat a well-balanced diet, including sources of vitamins, minerals, and folic acid is essential during pregnancy. It is important for women to have adequate carbohydrate consumption, especially complex carbohydrates.

Exercising is counted as a healthy and a good idea to maintain your health during your pregnancy, although you may need to alter your normal exercise routine to make this happen. This promotes strength and endurance, both of which are important for helping your body manage the increased weight and physical stress of pregnancy, and for preparing your body for the physical challenge of labour.

Keeping fit during pregnancy can also help minimize the muscle, bone and joint aches caused by weight gain and other body changes. Many fitness centres offer classes for pregnant women, with routines specifically adapted to reduce impact and to accommodate the later stages of pregnancy. Because each woman’s needs will be different, it is a good idea to discuss your exercise plans with your doctor prior to implementing them.

Being a mother means more than having given birth to a child. It’s developing love and knowing a soul before you even see it. It’s carrying and caring for a life completely dependent on you for survival. It’s giving air to the lungs that grew within you, and sight to the eyes that will never see you as anything but a mother.

It’s sleepless nights, its nursing scratches and scrapes, it’s being stern and protective. It’s teaching them to talk, to walk and to eventually run. It’s learning to hand your child to a stranger to let them teach what you cannot at times. It’s bracing them for a fall, and dusting them off after they do. It’s seeing them cry and not knowing how to fix it, so you sit on the floor and hold them and cry right along beside them. It’s teaching them that they are smart, capable, funny and giving them the security to do great things.

It’s building their self-esteem, supporting their dreams and loving them unconditionally. It’s letting them go, letting them fail and teaching them how to get back up. It’s going without so that they don’t have to and being fine with it.

It is a gift that is unimaginable to any woman who does not have a child in their life. It’s a connection that is unmatched and insurmountable in any form or other relationship. It’s a love that grows continually, a love that always wants more and better.

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