Rape Victims and The Police

Since a few decades now, women have been the targets of violent men, who raped them. Earlier, women were not really believed when they claimed of being abused by men. Especially underaged girls who were taken advantage of by men and gangs of people. They were never believed. This further led to the encouragement of men raping women and they continued doing so as they roamed free.

This violence against women has been reduced recently since the men were taken action against but, there are still several cases that people do not even come to know of because of the sole reason of the police suppressing such issues.  There are victims suffering from serious trauma due to rape and no action is taken to reduce this problem.

Apart from all this, there are so many victims who do not come out to tell they were assaulted because of the sole reason that they wouldn’t be believed. Those informing the police of such incidents were only asked questions framed in such a way that the victim felt like the culprit. They are asked questions such are ’Why are you ruining that poor guy’s life?’, being assaulted and informing the police only to hear statements like these, who would ever want to confront the situation? That is a whole new level of stress that women go through along with the trauma of being raped.

It makes sense that untrained and ill-informed police officers are no less subject to popular rape myths than anyone else. However, studies have shown that police – in line with studies of other fraternal settings, like college fraternities – are less likely to believe sexual assault victims.

The cops and the psychologists both are in on this. They make remarks about the women who come out to tell all of this and this makes it even harder for everyone to find justice and stop such an act o ever happen again. The female’s personal space and every personal aspect are violated. Does this not account for something that should be stopped at all costs?

When victims don’t conform to idealized versions of what a rape victim should look and act like, untrained and inexperienced officers, like most people, are highly likely to doubt them. Surveys claim that about 50 percent of the police does not report the rape thinking these claims to be false.

Such problems of bias and rape mythologizing exist at every level of the criminal justice system, beginning with people who are often responsible for assigning a criminal code to incidents as they are reported, and ending in courtrooms, where judges end up in sentencing, often with deplorable outcomes for victims.

Break the silence, on men’s violence.

Take responsibility for ending rape.

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