School VS College

School VS College: The Black and White Difference

Where are those golden days? School life was something else. We all were made to study under a lot of pressure, yes, but I’m sure I speak for most of the people that we all had double the fun. As soon as the recess bell rang we would all get together in a group and huddle as if playing a very intense game. Oh, those days were quite something! Don’t you think?

The most important things about schools are its classrooms, library, computer labs, auditorium, and the oh so many division of rooms, almost everything separate. Every school is required to make sure that they provide an educational environment. The students are taught by the teachers and the teachers are considered as the experts of the subjects taught by them.

Usually, schools define the elementary education system which is why it is very important for the teachers to provide education which helps the children develop their wit along with keeping a track of their discipline.

The environment of schools is such that it gives less freedom to the students as compared to a college because schooling days are the ones which require the very adaptive behaviour of children to adapt the good things and a proper manner of conduct. Because of this, their discipline reflects in their behaviour and they become better persons. It is also said that it is easy to mould these students than students of the colleges.

There is a difference in the education system of every country. But this is more prominent when it comes to colleges. Colleges are considered to be a higher level of study after school. This may not be the fact in a few countries, It all varied from country to country.

In schools, children are made to follow all the basic subjects. Colleges treat students as grown up individuals and at various levels, they are given the liberty to choose from various options. They are not strictly guided as guided in schools. The lectures are given by learned professionals who are of great intellect and pass knowledge to students in ways that interest them.

Managing time is up to the student of a college whereas in schools the student’s time management is structured by teachers and school management. Schools make guidance of parents a vital role whereas in colleges a student is expected to take responsibilities for himself.

Classes are continuous in schools, while there might be hours between classes in colleges. Teachers are always ready to guide the student and find out which student is facing a problem. This isn’t the same in colleges. If a student has a doubt or some unanswered questions he needs help with, the student is expected to approach the lecturer himself and clarify all the doubts that need to be.



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