Selfies- Picture Perfect?

Selfies is the basic need for today’s generation and you would be astounded to know that there are more than 1 million ‘sefies’ taken globally each day! The highest being Australia followed by the United States of America and ultimately Canada. A selfie is usually a photograph you click of yourself on your smartphone. It has literally become a ritual to share your daily updates and pictures on all social media mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Snapchat etc. Honestly speaking I really do not intend to sound very stereotypical or cliché but why is it so important to capture every moment of our lives with a duck-faced selfie? What is so fascinating about clicking selfies and posting it on these current in trend social media mediums? Is it for the likes, comments or approval from the world that you are cool enough? There are various reasons why people take selfies, some genuinely want to express themselves through these occasional clicks, some want to seek attention for building a positive virtual image on these mediums, there are endless reasons but the topmost being the unstoppable urge to dazzle and standout in this superficial world. I would like to share a little story that revolves around the same topic which we are talking about in today’s article.

This story is about Danny Bowman who is a 19-year-old British teenager and this article would hopefully make all of us realize the worst case scenarios of selfie obsessions, which is emerging in today’s techno savvy world. This happy go lucky teenager is a living proof of this growing selfie addiction in today’s scenario. He started to spend nearly 10 hours a day taking up to 200 selfies on his i-Phone, in his desperation to attract girls and establish his identity on social media. His addiction of taking selfies began at the age of 15 and caused him to drop out of school to get that one perfect click. In this period he lost almost two stones in weight and stayed in his house for 6 months. Due to his repeated efforts to get that one perfect shot failed he tried to suicide by taking an overdose. He lost his education, friends, heath and almost his life. Thankfully his mother was able to save him and he received help for treating his addiction of taking selfies. After taking therapy Danny was diagnosed with an Obsessive Compulsive disorder and Body Dysmorphic disorder, which is an anxiety regarding one’s personal appearance.  Danny quotes, ‘The only thing I cared about was having my phone with me so I could satisfy the urge to capture a picture of myself at any time of the day.’

This was a heart wrenching story that exhibits the gruesome truths that we are faintly exposed to. We all require a reality check to deal with this addiction that is not healthy for our survival in this digital era. Everyone desires to be known, recognized, praised and respected but are selfies going to help us achieve that? Yes getting likes and comments can make us feel good but this is a just momentary pleasure. Why not establish ourselves first and let our achievements speak for us? It is a wise option if we choose to set our goals straight, work towards it with full dedication and rise above, striving to fulfil our ambition instead of clicking selfies and being forever prone to mental trauma, social acceptation or even self-obsession. What do you choose clicking selfies and shine in the present or prove yourself for a lifetime and take a step forward?

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