Summer in Karnataka

Summer in Karnataka: The Climate at hand.

Karnataka the state in the south-western region of India, experiences all the climates on an average level. The region experiences summer starting from the month of March extending until the end of May. April and May are the hottest months in Karnataka. During these months the climate becomes very dry and uncomfortable to live in.

Karnataka experiences lowest temperature during the month of January and then the temperature gradually increases. The temperature begins to soar rapidly during the month of March. The southern parts of the state generally experience the highest temperature during the month of April while in the coastal plains the temperature reaches its maximum during the month of May.

34 °C is the average temperature in Karnataka during summer. Although there are places in Karnataka where the climate is cooler compared to a few regions, it can still be a task to live there in the Summer heat.  The average temperature remains around 34°C with 75% humidity.

Despite the heat, Karnataka has some most stunning places to explore in summer. If you are in Karnataka, don’t miss to visit COORG. Think of lush green paddy fields and the aroma of tea, coffee, pepper and other spices that are consigned in nature. Coorg has everything to offer that will calm your mind, body and soul. At Nagarahole National Park, you can explore the astonishing wildlife of Karnataka. It is one of the top national parks in India to visit in summer.

It’s a natural habitat of elephants. After Nagarahole, you may spend some time at Gokarna, known for its mythological significance.  You may spend some peaceful time on the beach or explore some religious places for spiritual aspiration. There are certain other stunning places to visit such as Bheemeshwari, Nandi Hills, Kudremukh and more.

There are quite a lot of places in Karnataka that people prefer visiting in the summer. Gokarna is another such place. If you are looking for the beaches to beat the heat, there is no other better destination than visiting Gokarna in Karnataka. Gokarna is also a treat for the eyes of all the foreigners who loves to explore places of religious significance while visiting India. Located just an hour’s drive from Goa, Gokarna is revered for its mythological significances.

Nagarhole National Park is another beautiful spot to visit. The park derives its name from the combination of two Kannada words. ‘Naga,’ meaning snake, and ‘hole,’ meaning streams. True to its name, quite a few serpentine streams fork through the rich tropical forests of the park. The landscape is one of the gentle slopes and shallow valleys.

Dry deciduous forest trees are leafless in the summer rather than in the winter. There are grassy swamps where the soil is clayey, perennially moist, and which support a luxuriant growth of green grass all year. The change in terrain throughout the park in refreshing and the river system provides a unique wildlife viewing experience.

Hot as it is all in India, it’s time to pack your bags, and pay a visit to Karnataka  for its natural beauty.


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