Uzma Ahmed – From Gun Point to India

Uzma Ahmed: Victim or Not?

This new created a whir in India and almost everyone is talking about it. Uzma Ahmed, rescued by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, from Pakistan. After having reported that Uzma was forcefully made to marry and the forcefully taken to Pakistan. It is said that she got in touch with the Indian External Affairs department through a phone call and pleaded for help.

However, all of this seems a little suspicious if you try and take it all in.  The whole story of the “forced marriage” blew up when a video of her marriage day emerged. Uzma Ahmed herself seemed quite happy in the video like any new bride. The claims of the marriage being forced sound really strange after watching the said video.

The claim she made next is also backed by nothing but the very words of Uzma herself. She could have been bluffing, the top officials of the government have reported that she was married five times before this and it is assumed that it might be her fault to have caused the end of her marriages. Each of the marriages had a frivolous reason that ended it. The marriage to the said Pakistani person is her 6th marriage.

The official also told us that Uzma had 4 children from her prior marriages. He said that Uzma Ahmed had left these children back in India when she went to Pakistan. Further, it was revealed that Uzma regularly received messages from several people from Pakistan with suspicious backgrounds.

A top source said that her alleged husband, Tahir Ali could just be a pawn in the whole thing. Sources revealed that Uzma was indeed married to a Congress MLA’s son in one of her prior marriages. It was learned that her father lives in the Netherlands. Her travel to and fro surely seems quite suspicious.

Tahir works in Malaysia, Uzma managed to reach there and shared romantic moments with him. She could have easily returned from Malaysia to India, but she chose to go to Pakistan despite knowing about his marital status. In Pakistan, keeping two wives is common. He got married to her in court, they started living together.

He was equally committed to his first wife and kids and that is what bothered Uzma. The disputes began; both were done with each other. The romance vanished and Uzma wanted to return to India. She was living in Buner. Uzma left her first husband for the sake of her own desires with a man in an opponent country. Now, she is bad mouthing her new husband just because she was unable to adjust there. The report does not give details about her gunpoint marriage. If they fell in love the why did he force her to marry him?

Uzma’s stay in Pakistan wasn’t a pleasant one and she said that many women like her, were living in terrible circumstances. She went on to add that women from East Asian countries like the Philippines, Malaysia were lured into marriage and were kept in Pakistan where they were being tortured and harassed.

All these mindless statements made by her only make her look suspicious in the eyes of all us Indians.

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