Waterfalls in India

Waterfalls in India: Take a look at the beautiful side of India

India is a place of tremendous natural beauty. It’s got mountains, shores and every aspect of nature in an abundance. But, today, we’ll be talking about the waterfalls in the country.

India is home to hundreds of beautiful waterfalls. Each state has it’s very own piece to show off. Since monsoon has hit India, it’s the time when almost every other person is planning to go on a trip for a hike and appreciating mother nature at it’s best. Just o you could have the best experience, we have listed a few falls that you will love to visit.


  • Dudhsagar Falls

First up, the Dudhsagar Falls of Goa. We all know that Goa is known for beaches, but not only that, it known for the Dudhsagar Falls which are considered to be one of the best falls in India. The name of the falls translates in English to Sea of milk due to the transformation of the watercolour from blue to white as it crashes to the bottom. These falls are located 60 KM from Panaji, the capital state of Goa. The best time to visit the falls is at the peak of the monsoon season when the river is at its highest flow. The fall splits into 4 tiers creating a truly awesome scene.

  • Thosegharh Waterfalls

Next, we have the pride of Maharashtra, The Thosegharh Waterfalls. These waterfalls are located 20km from Satara City which is situated at the edge of Konkan.  There are many waterfalls, varying from the shortest being 15 meters to the tallest being 500m. The best season to experience the waterfalls is during the monsoon when the falls are flowing with immense force.


  • Athirappilly Falls –

Athirappilly Falls, also known as India’s very own Niagra Falls. This is a beautiful waterfall situated in Athirappilly Panchayat which is one of the most breathtaking views. The Chalakudy River feeds the Athirappilly Waterfall resulting in a spectacular showdown. It is a relatively small waterfall measuring just 24 meters but the width of the fall is what makes it an attraction not to be missed while.


  • Talakona Waterfall –

Talakona Waterfall, located in the Sri Venkateswara National Park in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh. The waterfall is also famous as the Lord Siddheswara Swami Temple is situated very close to it.


  • Kune Falls –

Kune Falls, is located in Lonavala, Pune district in Maharashtra and is the 14th largest waterfall in India. These falls measure 100 meters and split into three when they fall towards the end. There is an abundance of public transport during the weekends when people from Pune visit to enjoy the weekend with their families. There is a trek leading to the falls which you can opt for but be prepared to get your feet muddy.


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