Whistleblowers and their Functions


A Whistleblower is an employee who reveals the truth or misconduct happening or some illegal activity taking place anywhere. There are laws and protections for whistleblowers who are fired or mistreated to reveal misconduct. This law is called the Whistleblower Protection Act.

A whistleblower is someone who blows a cover. We’re talking looking at a person working within an organisation who reports all the misconduct happening within. The illegal work could be anything that has already been done, is taking place or is being planned to bring into action.

There are namely two types of Whistleblowing. One is Internal Whistleblowing which means that the person reports the illegal activities within this organisation. External Whistleblowing is reporting the illegal activity to a person outside the organisation of an external body.

The crime or wrongdoing could be in the form of fraud, deceiving employees, corruptions, or any other act which misguides people. The Whistle Blowers Protection Act, 2011 lays down the complete framework to investigate alleged cases of wrongdoing.

There also types of Whistleblowers. One is the Federal Whistleblower, who are government employees who reveal the misconduct conducted by other employees. These can also be private sector employees to blow the covers of such people doing illegal activities. For employees working for the federal government, the Whistleblower Protection Act, or WPA, protects disclosures of misconduct. This law protects federal employees who disclose illegal or improper government activities.

Another is Corporate Whistleblowers. These employees report the misconduct by private businesses. There are many scandals brought into people’s vision through these employees. Much more would have been affected, and more loss incurred, if not for the efforts of a corporate whistleblower. These whistleblowers are employees of corporations or other private businesses that disclose statutory or regulatory violations by the employer.

When speaking of Whistleblowers, there is one name which pops up in history and that is Edward Joseph Snowden. He was a former CIA employee who leaked classified and restricted information to the public from the United States National Security Agency in 2013.

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