Women Empowerment

For about longer that we’ve lived in this world, we have seen women struggle, and live their lives going out of their way to provide the other sex. They’re always been put down, shamed, and treated like slaves too. ‘What can you do? You’re a girl.’ Something men tell women and dismiss them off almost everything.

But today, in our country, India, we see women raising their voices, fighting against this discrimination to get what they deserve in their life. Women have always been hard workers and always make so many efforts to put their hearts into whatever they are doing. Today, because of modernization, women are being educated and are being made aware of their rights.

Women empowerment refers to the ability in women to make their own decisions and gain their rights in fields such as personal, social, economic, political, legal and so on. Women are rising in every sphere and field. They are gaining financial independence which is helping them gain more confidence by the day and live their own lives on their terms and build their own identity. Women are not only taking their profession seriously but are also multi-tasking or you can say handling things like living up to the expectations at work as well as looking after their homes and families. These women also need to meet the deadlines at work and compete the women and they do so very efficiently.
They are letting men know that they do not stand second in any situation. Not only is this the case in urban areas but also in rural areas. Women are getting education and are showing men that they are no one to fiddle with. We all know that today the majority of women do not face such situations including mental harassment, physical, economic and are even subjected to rape but there still many out there who do.

It doesn’t matter if they are educated or not, they are making their presence felt to people of today and fighting day and night for the rights they deserve. Today, there are many organisations that have started campaigns in order to raise their voices against such discrimination and lead to women empowerment. These campaigns are slowly making an impact on the society today.

There are organizations like, Commit2change, Sayfty, and Women on wings working so very hard to make an impact today on people who lack to see the potential of women and how strong they are and can be.

Women empowerment leads to a great deal of development in today’s society. It also leads to reduction in the mistreatment of women such as mentally, physically or verbally and helps in the growth of them as a person and helps them to come out of their rabbit hole and see the world for what it is. This lead to the building of stronger economic life and increase the quality of life of women, men, children, and communities as a whole and help to achieve internationally agreed goals.

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